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Child Support Agent

Date Posted: 05/24/2024
Department: DSS
Salary Grade: 64
Compensation: $36,855
Hours: Full-time
Deadline: Open until filled

Position Objectives

Work in this class involves the initiation, preparation and organization, and enforcement of child support orders in a Child Support Enforcement (IV-D) program. An agent in this class may perform some or all of the duties of the Agent I but is primarily involved in establishment of voluntary and involuntary paternity and support, enforcement, or in a generalist role. Work in this class can be distinguished from the Agent I by the in-depth investigation and preparation of cases for court, the enforcement of court support orders, and variables affecting a case and the independent role in presenting cases (with the attorney) in the courtroom. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Variety and Scope - An agent in the generalist role does intake and location, established voluntary and involuntary support and/or obligation, and enforces court orders. Agents in some programs may be responsible for one of the following areas: enforcement, establishment of paternity and support obligations and enforcement, or establishment specialist.


Intricacy - An agent investigates and prepares cases (for the attorney) and determines the course of action, tracks witnesses and determines their credibility, assists the attorney in the courtroom in presenting the case and reviewing evidence, negotiates agreement with the absent parent, and testifies in court as required. In monitoring court-ordered payments, agents determine what action to take when the absent parent is in arrearages negotiate out of court, take to court, wage garnishments.


Subject Matter Complexity - Work requires considerable knowledge of all areas of the Child Support Enforcement Program, thorough knowledge of applicable legal procedures, and knowledge of investigating cases.


Guidelines - These include the Child Support Enforcement manual (state and/or local), office procedural guidelines, the applicable N.C. General Statutes, applicable courtroom procedures, and other reference manuals.


Nature of Instructions - Employees function independently in all areas, and in office management.


Nature of Review - Work is reviewed at the time a case is in court by the attorney and judge for technical accuracy. Decisions are reviewed after the fact by a program supervisor or regional consultant.


Scope of Decisions - Employee's work directly affects the client and absent parent in establishing paternity and support, and the children of these parents. The work also affects the general public since support obligations pay back the tax fund used to pay Public assistance.


Consequence of Decisions - Decisions could result in the wrong absent parent/ defendant being taken to court, and the threat of a lawsuit. If a case is not properly prepared or information is incorrect, there is the potential for waste of court and administrative time; reduced support, state and county collections; and credibility problems. The children involved in cases may be determined eligible for state and federal benefits.

Minimum Requirements

Interpersonal Communications:

Scope of Contacts - Work brings agents in contact with clients, absent parents, offices of the Clerk of Court, Magistrates, District Attorney, Sheriff, other court officials, private attorneys, and location resources.

Nature and Purpose - Employees gather information necessary to locate absent parents, to establish paternity and support, and to determine the course of action of a case. An agent will direct, motivate, negotiate and compromise with a client or absent parent to be truthful regarding the establishment of paternity and support.


Other Work Demands: 

Work Conditions - Employees work in an office setting.

Hazards - Employees have frequent contact with hostile clients and absent parents, some who are potentially dangerous.


Recruitment Standards:

Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities - Thorough knowledge of the Child Support Enforcement Program and applicable legal procedures; considerable ability to interview clients, absent parents and related sources, and to investigate cases; considerable ability to organize, analyze, and summarize case information; basic math skills; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients and absent parents, location resources, offices of the Clerk of Court, Magistrates, District Attorney, Sheriff, other court officials, and private attorneys.

Desirable Training and Experience

Minimum Education and Experience: 

A four year degree and six months experience in eligibility, investigative, judiciary, or legal work that provides knowledges, skills and abilities needed to perform the work; or an associate’s degree in business administration, human resources, law enforcement or closely related degree and two years of experience in eligibility, investigative, judiciary, or legal work that provides knowledges, skills and abilities needed to perform the work; or graduation from high school and three years of experience in eligibility, investigative, judiciary, or legal work that provides knowledges, skills and abilities needed to perform the work; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Benefited after 30 days

Medical, dental, and life insurance
Sick, vacation, and holiday pay
Membership in the Local Government Retirement System

Supplemental retirement 401k/457

How to Apply



APPLICANTS WILL BE GIVEN CREDIT ONLY FOR INFORMATION PROVIDED IN RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. No additional information will be solicited by the McDowell County; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training and experience.


McDowell County is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of the County to recruit, hire, train and promote individuals without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, political affiliation or national origin. The County will interactively work with disabled applicants and employees to identify reasonable accommodations that will allow the individual to perform essential job functions. 


McDowell County participates in E-Verify.


Applications are available:


  • on our website:

     under “Job Opportunities”

  • McDowell County Administration Building:

             25 W Fort Street Marion, NC 28752


Applications can be submitted:

              25 W Fort Street Marion, NC 28752

  • or by Mail to:

               McDowell County Human Resources

               60 East Court Street Marion, NC 28752

  • or by email to: 


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