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  • Can I submit one application for multiple job openings?
    You will need to complete a separate application for each individual job opening of interest.
  • Can you tell me more about benefits?
    See our employee benefits page for information.
  • How do I apply for an open job?
    To apply for an open job, please visit the job opportunities tab, select an open position, and click the green apply button.
  • What are some tips to help me complete my online application?
    Complete the application as thoroughly and accurately as possible. The initial phase of the selection process will be based on the application and materials furnished with the application. Our application form is the basis for candidate evaluation and interview selection and therefore needs to be complete and accurate. Incomplete applications may not be forwarded to the hiring supervisor for consideration.
  • Can I submit a resume instead of filling in all of my employment history?
    No. You can submit a resume to accompany your application, but you need to complete the job application thoroughly and accurately, including job history, to ensure your application is given full consideration. A personal resume may supplement the application, but it is not a substitute for completing the employment application in detail.
  • What happens after I submit my application?
    The Human Resources Department receives and refers applications to the department filling the job opening, at which time applications are screened to ensure candidates' qualifications meet the job requirements. The hiring department will contact selected applicants to discuss the vacancy further or to arrange in-person interviews. Due to the number of applications we receive, not all applicants are contacted for interviews.
  • How long does it take to fill a position?
    The period of time it takes to fill a position can be impacted by several factors – the number of applications received, the number of job openings within the hiring department, the workload of the hiring department, holidays, and the schedule of the hiring supervisor and department head, as well as other unexpected events. It can take a few weeks to a few months.
  • I do not see a job I am interested in on the website. Can I send you a resume and have you keep it on file so you can notify me when a position I'm suitable for opens up?
    No, unfortunately not. However you can sign up to receive an email alert when a new job is posted on our website. Click on the green "Notify Me" button.
  • Can I transfer my sick balance to McDowell County from another North Carolina county?
    Yes, if you have a sick balance remaining in another North Carolina county, please let us know. We will submit a transfer request on your behalf following your date of hire. Note: Transferred sick hours can not be used until your waiting period has ended.
  • How long do I have to wait for benefits?
    The benefit waiting period for McDowell County is currently 30 days. If you are transferring from another North Carolina County entity without a lapse in time worked, please provide proof and the 30-day wait will be waived.
  • Do I need to report a work place injury?
    Yes, a workers compensation claim should be filed immediately following the incident. More information and required forms can be found under the Current Employees tab.

10-14 Years
15-19 Years
20-24 Years
25+ Years

1.5 %

2.25 %

3.25 %

4.5 %


Regular Employee Benefits
Listed below are McDowell County benefits and their descriptions for regular, full-time employees. Also, see the annual Benefits Summary booklet. 

Medical Insurance
The County offers medical coverage for regular full-time employees through MedCost. Employees may add spousal or dependent coverage for an additional cost.  

Dental Insurance
The County offers employer-paid dental coverage for regular full-time employees through MedCost. Employees may add spousal or dependent coverage for an additional cost.  

Life Insurance
The County offers an employer-paid Group Term Life Insurance with AD&D. These benefits are provided by McDowell County at no cost to you. Group Term Life Coverage provides a benefit to your designated beneficiary in the event of your death.  The benefit amount is $20,000 and reduces after age 65. 

The County participates in the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees' Retirement System starting the first day of your employment. As an employee, 6% is deducted from your paycheck and is applied to your pension. An employee becomes fully vested in the NCLGERS retirement plan after five years of credible service. 

401(k) and 457 Retirement Plan
McDowell County contributes 2% towards regular, full-time employees' plan of choice (401(k) or 457). Employees may make additional contributions to their 401(k) or 457 by payroll deduction. Employees are vested in the Supplemental Retirement Plan from the first day of employment. 

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees are offered the option to participate in Flexible Spending Accounts through Flores, which provide a way to save federal, state, and social security taxes on eligible medical and dependent care expenses.


Full-time employees receive 12 paid holidays per year. 

Sick Leave
County employees accrue four (4) sick hours per pay period, which is eight (8) sick hours per month. Sick Accruals from other North Carolina County entities can be transferred and used for time off after a 90-day wait. 

Vacation Leave

County employees can accumulate vacation leave without any any applicable maximum until December 31 of each year. At that time, any hours over 240 are converted to sick leave. 

Current employees will accrue vacation leave based on years of service in the Local Government Employees Retirement System (LGERS). 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

McDowell County provides employees and family members within the household with free, confidential short-term counseling to help resolve problems (marital, family, financial, legal, alcohol, and more) that may impact their work or personal lives. The EAP provides 24-hour phone assistance and is available for appointments at your convenience. 

Longevity Bonus

McDowell County offers a longevity bonus to reward the total years of service as a regular employee. Longevity pay is a percentage payment given once a year after 10 years of continuous service based on the employee's date of hire in a full-time position. 

Supplemental Insurances
McDowell County employees are eligible to enroll in supplemental insurances with Aflac, Colonial and/or Liberty National during open enrollment in November of each year. 

Workers Compensation

All County employees (full-time and part-time) are covered under the N.C. Worker's Compensation Act. Responsibility for claiming compensation under the Workers Compensation Act is on the injured employee. 

Credit Union Membership
All County employees have the opportunity to join the N.C. State Government Employees Credit Union

Direct Deposit

The County requires direct deposit for all employees. Employees are paid semi-monthly. 

**Medical and dental insurance coverages become effective 30 days following the hire date. Vision becomes effective on the 1st of the month, following the 30 day benefit waiting period. Accruals are effective the first pay period following the 30 day wait. Direct transfers from a full-time position with another NC County entity, will have the 30-day wait waived.**

Years of Service

Accrual Hours

0-2 Years
2-4 Years
5-9 Years
10-14 Years
15-19 Years
20+ Years

3.33 hours per pay period
4 hours per pay period
5 hours per pay period
6 hours per pay period
7 hours per pay period
8 hours per pay period

% of Annual Salary

Years of Service


Human Resources

Physical Address
25 W Fort Street,
Marion, NC 28752 

Mailing Address
60 E Court Street,
Marion, NC 28752

Phone: (828) 652-6306
Fax: (828) 659-3484
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