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Primary Care Vet Technician

Date Posted: 08/28/2023
Department: Animal Shelter
Compensation: $47,038
Hours: Full Time

Deadline: Open until filled

Position Objectives


Work with Manager and Staff at the County Animal Shelter conducting health evaluations or assessments of animals being housed at the Shelter for any injuries, deformities, signs of infection or diseases. Complete proper paperwork for said evaluations and advise proper treatment or medication for said animals.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Prevent disease and infection through the proper administration of health examinations, recommendations for diets and daily treatment of any problems that are observed with an animal.

  • Observe animals in our care for signs of illness or injury and report these to Manager or Staff, and/or treat per agency protocols and acceptable industry practices.

  • Direct to segregate and isolate animals as necessary to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

  • Administer medications and/or treatment to animals as necessary for treatment of animals.

  • Record information on charts, forms, associated paperwork in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Provide accurate and friendly service to Manager and Staff when advising them of the health of the animals or answering general questions.

  • Observe the proper care and handling of animals is maintained by all staff to prevent the spread of infection and disease.

  • Euthanization of animals as required.

  • Certified Euthanasia Technician

  • May assist field staff during rescues, cruelty investigations or disasters on a case by case basis.

  • Perform other duties, as necessary, to improve the functioning of the Veterinary Services and the Shelter as a whole. 

  • All other Duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements


Ability to:

  • Obtain and maintain licenses and/or permits required by state law and the agency

  • Detect symptoms of sickness in animals

  • Regularly monitor the animals for continued health

  • Work with and restrain animals of all sizes if necessary for evaluations.

  • Work well and communicate effectively with Manager and Staff

  • Express ideas effectively orally and in writing

  • Interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form

  • Perform the job in a professional manner and work efficiently under pressure. Show maturity and good judgment.

  • Adapt to different support needs created by varying work styles.

  • Work irregular hours, shifts, weekends, holidays should emergency situation arise on a case by case basis

Knowledge of:

  • Medications commonly used in veterinary care, and their proper use and dosage

  • Symptoms of common diseases of dogs and cats

  • Proper methods of safely handling and restraining a wide variety of animals

  • Animal Husbandry, breeds and nutritional needs

  • Proper usage of common equipment used in veterinary practice

  • Various species of animals including exotic species

  • Various kinds of animal behavior

  • Federal food and Drug Act covering legend or prescription drugs

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. on a regular basis

  • Extensive direct handling, carrying and restraining of animals, both large and small and carrying of supplies and equipment

  • Extensive stooping, bending.

  • Manual dexterity sufficient for handwritten documents

  • Must be able to tolerate loud animal noises and odors for extended periods of time

  • Endurance sufficient for standing and walking during entire working hours

Working Conditions:

  • Dealing with possible unruly, vicious and dangerous animals

  • Possible exposure to hostile and over emotional public

  • Possible exposure to parasites and infectious diseases


Desirable Training and Experience

  • Must possess a valid license (certification) as a Registered Veterinary Technician in the State of North Carolina

  • 2 years practical experience as an RVT preferred

  • Shelter experience preferred

How to Apply



APPLICANTS WILL BE GIVEN CREDIT ONLY FOR INFORMATION PROVIDED IN RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. No additional information will be solicited by the McDowell County; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training and experience.


McDowell County is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of the County to recruit, hire, train and promote individuals without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, political affiliation or national origin. The County will interactively work with disabled applicants and employees to identify reasonable accommodations that will allow the individual to perform essential job functions. 


McDowell County participates in E-Verify.


Applications are available:


  • on our website:

     under “Job Opportunities”

  • McDowell County Administration Building(s):

              60 East Court St Marion, NC 28752 ​

              25 W Fort Street Marion, NC 28752


Applications can be submitted:

              60 East Court Street Marion, NC 28752

              25 W Fort Street Marion, NC 28752

  • or by Mail to:

               McDowell County Human Resources

               60 East Court Street Marion, NC 28752

  • or by email to: 


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