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For Department Heads:

Step 1: After interviews and once a candidate has been chosen, department heads must complete the following documents and submit them to Human Resources: 

County Manager's Memo

Step 2: Human Resources will submit these documents to the County Manager for approval. Once approved, the Human Resources Assistant Director will begin the new hire process. 


  • Hire dates for Full-Time employees can only be the 1st or the 16th of the month

  • Submit the new hire documents no later than a week out from start date. County Manager approval, drug screening and background checks take time and an employee should not work any hours until all three steps have been completed. 

Step 3: Once the County Manager has approved the new hire, the Human Resources Assistant Director will contact the employee for their drug screening, background check and paperwork. 

Step 4: Once the results from both the Drug Screening and Background Check have been received, the Human Resources Assistant Director will contact the Department Head with the new hire's status. 


  • Do not allow a new hire to work prior to receiving a confirmation that they are cleared to begin. Working a new hire without having the results of the drug screening and background check puts the county at risk regarding workers compensation and labor laws.  

Step 5: Once you've received the email stating the new hire is cleared to start, they may begin working. During this period of time, they will be expected to complete all necessary paperwork and orientation provided to them by Human Resources. If they fail to submit the completed documents by the provided deadline, their pay will be delayed. 

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