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Human Resources is excited to announce that all OSHA required safety courses will now be available through NEOGOV Learn. This is an electronic system that is managed by HR that can create, track, manage and maintain all personnel files electronically. Each employee will be given individual access to their "dashboard". You should have already received this email to set up your account from

This will be where you can access your assigned courses that are required for your specific job duties or department. You will need to access and complete these courses either by smartphone or by desktop computer. 

Each individual course will have a specified due date, in order to maintain compliance, please make sure that you are completing these safety courses by the due date. Department Heads will be notified of employees who fail to meet these requirements and disciplinary action may be taken.

Please see the attachment for detailed instructions on setting up your NEOGOV account. You will need to set up your account as soon as possible. Below are upcoming deadlines for courses that will be completed by all employees. 

Upcoming Courses and Deadlines: 

  1. McDowell County Policy Manual 2023 Acknowledgement (Deadline: March 31st by 5pm)

  2. Hazard Communication Program & Acknowledgement (Deadline: March 31st by 5pm) 

  3. McDowell CPR, AED, First Aid and Narcan (Deadline: March 31st by 5 pm) 

  4. In Person Active Shooter Attendance Confirmation (March 31st by 5PM)


Please note that this is the initial phase of introducing OSHA training, any other courses will be assigned on an individualized basis or by department at a later date. You will receive notice by email when courses are added to your dashboard. All courses will be required to be completed on an annual basis.

If you have any questions please call HR at 828-652-7121 ext. 1323

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