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Join McDowell County’s workforce to make a difference; together, we will strengthen and move our community forward. We offer a broad range of career paths and a blend of part-time and full-time opportunities.


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How McDowell County
Supports Our Employees

In order for McDowell County to serve our community at our best, our employees must be at their best. We provide employees with strong benefits and wellness programs that help fuel their contributions and keep McDowell County a great place to work. 

Emotional Health

Sick Accruals

Vacation Accruals

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Covers temporary absence due to personal illnesses or injuries, to attend to the needs of immediate family members, and for doctors’ appointments. Eligible employees will accrue sick leave benefits at the rate of four (4) hours per pay period (1 day per full month of service).

Holiday Pay

McDowell County offers twelve days of paid holiday leave to Full-Time employees.


This program provides confidential assessment, referral, and short-term counseling services to employees and their dependents for a variety of behavioral health-related problems.

This information contains only highlights of the McDowell County benefit plans and programs. Receipt of this document does not guarantee eligibility for any McDowell County sponsored plan or program of benefits. Eligibility for and entitlement to a benefit is governed by the terms of the official plan document or summary. McDowell County expects to continue offering the employee benefits plans noted in this document, but reserves the right to amend, cancel, or terminate the plans at any time. If there is a discrepancy between this document and the official Plan Document(s), the official Plan Document(s) will govern. 

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