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Income Maintenance Program Manager

Date Posted: 10/18/2023
Department: DSS
Salary Grade: 74
Compensation: $60,034
Hours: Full-time
Deadline: Open until filled

Position Objectives

The primary purpose of this position is to provide the overall supervision, administration, and
program planning for the following Income Maintenance (IM) Programs: Medical Assistance (MA), Special Assistance to the
Aged/Disabled (SAA/SAD), and Food and Nutrition Services (FNS). This position also provides direct supervision for Medicaid
Transportation and Carolina ACCESS services, and the Program Integrity Investigator.

Duties & Responsibilities




Plans and coordinates the work of four units: Universal Intake, Family and Children’s Medicaid (2), Food and Nutrition
Services and Adult Medicaid Unit as well as Program Integrity.


Conducts and/or gathers data for study to determine the effectiveness of the operation of a particular unit or program in IM
by identifying goals, strategies for goal achievement, steps to neutralize barriers, etc.


Develops and recommends plans for changing or implementing IM programs; i.e., reporting in MA and FNS; Evaluates
changes needed to implement new policies and/or programs by studying client and workflow through the IM units.


Plans and develops procedures with other supervisors around implementation of programs that interface with the Services
Division; i.e., Long Term Screening Program, Community Alternatives Program, Personal Care Program.


Analyzes IM data and operations for impact on other units within the IM Division and the potential impact on other
programs and/or Divisions within the agency.


Plans with the IM unit supervisors for the ongoing effective operation of each individual unit and their interconnectedness
for the IM Division. Evaluate with individual IM unit supervisors their unit needs.


Plans with IM unit supervisors both short- and long-term goals to meet ongoing and evolving client needs and caseload
composition; sets priorities, deciding with the IM unit supervisors which goals have the highest priority. The management
team incorporates these goals when developing overall agency goals.


Provides specific data to the director for planning for the IM clients and IM units’ needs. This includes periodic staffing
calculations to support requests for additional staff, to determine if staff need to be reassigned to equalize caseload
responsibilities, or to justify current assignments.


Presents ideas and suggestions for improving the IM sections to the director. Recommends and implements suggestions to
make improvements within the IM sections.


Participates as a member of the agency management team. Meets with the director regularly to discuss the status of the IM units.


Provides clarification and interpretation of policy and procedures whenever necessary and coordinates implementation for

Organizing and Directing Work: 

The IM Program Manager plans the organization of IM staff and unit assignments. Caseload size and composition is monitored to ensure equitable distribution of work. As program changes occur, work and client flow is evaluated for needed adjustments. Staffing calculations are completed to determine the adequate number of staff needed to administer programs and ensure clients are served appropriately.

This position also consults with IM program representatives to gather information needed to evaluate local
programs as well as their effectiveness.


This position has the responsibility for monitoring the work of the IM units for conformance with
the goals and mission of the agency by:

Developing monitoring tools which provide an overview of the IM units’ performance;

Monitoring individual worker's samples of work to check for compliance with program requirements, application
processing requirements, agency policies and procedures, and state and federal laws;  


Reviewing monthly worker activity reports on assigned caseloads, day sheets, applications, re-determination reports, in-
coming and out-going mail, unit/individual work plans, weekly schedules, and any other instrument designed for
monitoring IM units operations;


Analyzing data and information gathered which is used for program planning, development of organizational structure,
procedures, determining how work time is used, and insuring compliance with all policies and procedures.


Providing assistance to the IM unit supervisors in establishing monitoring tools and methods for implementing those


Helping IM unit supervisors interpret data gathered from monitoring and plan how to apply what is learned to improve
worker performance, effectiveness of service delivery, training needs, use of resources, etc. This information is used for
unit and program development, goal setting, and staff development;


Consulting with regional, state, and federal auditors that monitor policies and procedures re: IM application processing.
As a result of this audit, will develop and/or implement a corrective action plan;


Serving as the primary reference for all staff as well as Medicaid providers, pharmacies, and physicians who have
questions regarding IM Programs, both regulations and consumer use; 


Monitoring specific state generated reports, i.e., case management, IV-D/IV-A Discrepancy Reports, Social Security
Verification Discrepancy Report, Inter/Intra State Matches, etc.


Conducting conferences with IM supervisors, Program Integrity investigators, and IM lead workers (when appropriate)
to discuss policy, workloads, problems, etc.

Minimum Requirements

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Thorough knowledge of IM programs. Thorough knowledge of the use of the IM manuals and of the forms and documents used in determining eligibility for all program areas. Thorough knowledge of needs, problems, and attitudes of disadvantaged persons.


Thorough knowledge of the budgeting and planning process.


Considerable knowledge of all agency and community programs and services. Considerable knowledge of needs assessment techniques.


Considerable management skills.


Ability to communicate effectively orally and in written form.


Ability to organize, direct, and plan for IM programs.


Ability to maintain a satisfactory working relationship with applicants, other sources contacted within the course of work, the Agency Director, the public at large, and county officials. Ability to plan and evaluate the services of a comprehensive eligibility program.


Ability to represent the eligibility program in departmental meetings and community conferences.

Desirable Training and Experience

Education and Experience Requirements: Two years of supervisory experience at least one of which must have been in an IM or services program, and preferably with one year of experience in an IM program; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.


Benefited after 30 days

Medical, dental, and life insurance
Sick, vacation, and holiday pay
Membership in the Local Government Retirement System

Supplemental retirement 401k/457

How to Apply



APPLICANTS WILL BE GIVEN CREDIT ONLY FOR INFORMATION PROVIDED IN RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. No additional information will be solicited by the McDowell County; therefore, persons who submit incomplete applications may not receive full credit for their education, training and experience.


McDowell County is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of the County to recruit, hire, train and promote individuals without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, political affiliation or national origin. The County will interactively work with disabled applicants and employees to identify reasonable accommodations that will allow the individual to perform essential job functions. 


McDowell County participates in E-Verify.


Applications are available:


  • on our website:

     under “Job Opportunities”

  • McDowell County Administration Building(s):

              60 East Court St Marion, NC 28752 ​

              25 W Fort Street Marion, NC 28752


Applications can be submitted:

              60 East Court Street Marion, NC 28752

              25 W Fort Street Marion, NC 28752

  • or by Mail to:

               McDowell County Human Resources

               60 East Court Street Marion, NC 28752

  • or by email to: 


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