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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of coverage plan does McDowell County provide?

McDowell County provides a PPO plan through Medcost Benefit Services. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. In a PPO, members enjoy the freedom to see any physician or other health care professional from the network of participating providers, including specialists, without a referral. 


To identify an in-network health care provider, hospital or facility, please follow the link below.

What is my monthly cost?

McDowell County Medical Plan

Employee Only $50 ($126 without wellness affidavit completed) 

Emp + Child(ren) $225 (not including the $50/$126 for employees' coverage) 

Emp + Spouse $483 (not including the $50/$126 for employees' coverage) 

Emp + Family $714 (not including the $50/$126 for employees' coverage) 

What is my prescription coverage through this plan?

McDowell County's Medcost plan provides Prescription coverage through MaxorPlus. When you refill your prescriptions with MaxorPlus Mail Order online, your 90-day supply will be delivered directly to your door. 


For more information regarding  individual pharmacy benefits please contact MaxorPlus.

Phone: 1-800-687-0707

How do I request information such as a new insurance card?

  1. Logon to and register an account. You will need McDowell County's group number to register, which is 8145.

  2. Once registered, you can access information such as requesting a new ID card, benefit information, MedCost Provider Network, Pharmacy Benefits, and Cost Estimator for services.

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